Why Rush Phi Kappa Psi in September 2018?



  • For over 150 years, young men have been joining Phi Kappa Psi at Gettysburg College.   Becoming a Phi Psi is not for everyone though.   But, if you are interested in superior social events, leadership opportunities, and becoming part of a tradition of excellence then check out Phi Psi. 

    You won't be disappointed.  

    Not sure yet?  Check out the rest of our website to find out what Phi Psi is all about.   Then, go check out the websites of the other fraternities on campus.  Below is the link to the Colleges Greek Life web page.  Follow the links to the other Greek organizations and pay close attention to the Local Websites --  only three of them even have Local Websites.  Then make a choice about which frat you want to learn more about.

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